• Liquid electro ink is best suited for reproduction of fine details due to its very small particle size of the inks.
  • Because of this HP indigo prints has more than 90% of share in Indian wedding photo industry which requires super high quality.
  • Indigo prints can be laminated with out loss of fidelity which give the final print protection from chemicals used by health workers

Please reach out to us and we’ll be glad to connect you to the print service network of HP Indigo customers who will take end to end charge of the program along with VYSMO

Yes HP Indigo Print Service Providers have developed websites to help you have seamless experience, once we know which region of the country you belong, we’ll help connect to the nearest PSP

HP Indigo photos last very long however due to safety precautions , they are supposed to be discarded along with the PPE kits

Yes the pilot has been done at Apollo, one of the most prestigious Medical facility of India which had amazing results and many other facilities have used this service post that.

Yes, this is the time all of us need to come together to add value to the entire ecosystem, we will connect you to our nearest PSP so you can have a great experience for this medical institute.

Yes , many setups like airlines, factory workers , wellness centers are areas that need PPE kits and have the same challenge of identifying their peers, this can be a wonderful solution to them and we can work with you to provide an end to end solution to the same along with you.